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Transportation and Maps

BC Gold Rush Trail Map

BC Gold Rush Trail Map

Attention –Road Closure June 15-30, 2017





Map for Back Road between Likely, Barkerville and Wells – BACK ROAD LOCATION MAP

Logging Trucks
The Likely-Barkerville Back Road (8400 Road) at one time was only possible with a 4×4 vehicle but now, with improvements, it is a decent gravel road that most 2-wheel drive vehicles in proper operating condition can navigate. Logging trucks and heavy mining equipment use these roads 12 months of the year so exercise caution at all times.  The road is usually open to tourist traffic from July 1st to the end of September. To be safe, make enquiries at the Cedar Creek Tourism Center in Likely or the Wells Tourism Center in Wells before starting your journey. And please remember to fill up with petrol before your trip.

The maps below are available at tourism centers throughout the Cariboo.


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From Barkerville…On Hwy.#26 between Wells and Barkerville is the turn-off to Bowron Lakes Provincial Park that includes the Matthew Valley 3100 Road to Likely.

SITE A – A right turn at Site A takes you to the brightly coloured Wells kiosk and a little further on is the Bowron intersection where you stay on the 3100 Road to Likely. You will travel beside Pleasant Valley Creek in a lush meadow and then stoney out-washes just before the next site.

SITE B – You will cross meandering creeks before the 3100 Road travels through Cunningham Pass.  Whiskey Flats Rec Site will appear in a grassy meadow on your right.

SITE C – The X Road, a narrow ATV trail over Yanks Peak to Keithley, intersects here. As you descend into Tinsdale Creek Valley you pass an old sawmill, logging roads, and at 3131 mileage marker, you start to see striking views of mountains.

SITE D – Veer left at the Cunningham-Nolaka Creek Road intersection to begin your descent into a valley where you cross the river at Cariboo River Provincial Park.  You will begin to see large stands of cedar on either side of the road.

SITE E – The G Road intersects, (4WD logging road through old growth cedars), as you enter the Matthew River Valley.

SITE F – The B (logging) Road veers to your left.  Food and lodging are not currently available beside Comet Creek Falls at the 3156 marker.  The Matthew River swells into small lakes on your left against an impressive wall of mountains.

SITE G – Ghost Lake Falls is a must see – just 5 minutes to the lower falls and 3 more minutes takes you to the campground where you get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular upper falls.  Allow an hour for this side trip.  Blueberries line the trail!  On the 3100 Road you start to climb toward the summit, passing the Z Road, Grizzly Creek and a continuous ridge of mountains.  You are now traveling on the 8400 Road.

SITE H – Visit Cameron Ridge Bungalows on your right at 8447 on the famous Gold Rush Trail.  Cabins, hiking trips, trail rides and more. The Chocolate Moose Cafe is now open. Drop in if the red gate is open.  Cameron Ridge hiking trail intersects on your left before you reach Maeford Lake, which is roughly an hour from Likely.  You will cross over the trail end of Little River and Ishkloo Creek.

SITE I – Tuckett Creek logging road is where you  make your final descent into the Cariboo Lake Valley, featuring Ladies Creek Rec Site on Cariboo Lake at the 8412 marker.

SITE J – Turn right at the “T” in the road and cross the Cariboo River on the wide wooden bridge.

SITE K – When Cariboo Lake road meets the Keithley Road you turn left toward Likely.  Cariboo Falls is a 2 km side trip at a left-hand turn-off beside the 15 km marker.  On Keithley Road you will pass Kangaroo Creek Road on your right, then a series of small hills and a couple of old log cabins before you cross the Cariboo River again.  The road climbs until Poquette Pass where you travel beside Poquette Lake.

SITE L – At the intersection of Spanish Lake Road beside the historic Lyne’s Cabin you will see the Likely kiosk indicating that you are nearing the paved road, just 3 minutes from food, lodging and gas in Likely on Quesnel Lake.


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From Likely…The Likely Road turning from Hwy.#97 at 150 Mile House ends at Likely after the Likely bridge.  The main road then becomes Keithley Road which turns to gravel at Poquette Pass.  You will see a brightly coloured kiosk.

SITE 1 – The historic Lyne’s Cabin is at the first site that intersects with Spanish Lake road.  Continue on Keithley Road, passing Poquette Lake on your left.  The road winds down a hill and then crosses the Cariboo River.  You will pass two old log homes before a series of small hills.  A side trip to the Cariboo River Falls is available 2 km’s past Kangaroo Creek Road. (15 km marker), on a 2 km lane to your right.

SITE 2 – Turn right from Keithley Road onto the Cariboo Lake Road and cross the Cariboo River again.

SITE 3 – Veer left at the “T”.  Your ascent begins as you cross Wilby and Franks Creeks before the turn-off to Ladies Creek Rec Site on Cariboo Lake at the 8412 marker.  You are now on the 8400 Road which climbs steadily, offering great views of the Cariboo River Valley.

SITE 4 –  Here the Tuckett Creek (logging) Road intersects on the left.  As you continue on the 8400 Road you will cross Roaring, Clair and Ishkloo Creeks and Little River.  Mountains appear on your right within the next 8 km’s and the road continues to climb, passing Maeford Lake and hunting camp the through Little River Valley.

SITE 5 –  8400 mileage markers end at the Cameron Hiking Trail where you enter subalpine meadow supporting a chain of small lakes.  Visit Cameron Ridge Bungalows on your left at the Summit.  Cabins, hiking trips, trail rides and more. The ‘Chocolate Moose Cafe’ is now open.  Drop in if the red gate is open.  High tree-covered cliffs and mountain ridges appear on either side before you descend into the cedar-lined Matthew Valley.

SITE 6 – After Site 6, the road turns into the 3100 Road and intersects with the old Z Road.  You now start to get a continuous view of high mountain ridges on your right.

SITE 7 – Ghost Lake Falls is a must see – just a 5 minute excursion to the lower falls and 3 more minutes takes you to the campground where you get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular upper falls.  Allow an hour for this side trip in Cariboo Mountain Provincial Park.  Food and Lodging are no longer available at the 3156 marker.  You will pass the G Road, (4WD) which goes through an old growth cedar grove.  The entrance to Cariboo River Provincial Park is where you cross the Cariboo River again, just before Site 8.

SITE 8 – After some logging roads and an old sawmill clearing, you begin your descent into Tinsdale Creek Valley.

SITE 9 – Here the road narrows above Tinsdale Creek.  You will pass the X Road on your left, which is the Yanks Peak ATV trail to Keithley.  At Whiskey Flats Rec Site you begin to see lush mountain meadows where you will travel beside and cross Antler, Pleasant Valley, Grouse and French Creeks.

SITE 10 – This is the intersection of the Bowron Provincial Park road and marks the end of the back road linking Likely to the paved Hwy.#26 leading to Wells and Barkerville.

Map for Likely/Horsefly/Williams Lake Museum Circle Tour

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Ghost Lake Falls and campsite

Ghost Lake, the only vehicle accessible camping area, is reached by travelling to Barkerville from Quesnel along Highway 26, and turning down the rough gravel Forestry Road #3100 near Barkerville. It is 70 km (43 mi), about 1.5 hours, from the turn off to the park. A 4 km (2.5 mi) access road, marked by signs, leads to the camping area. Alternatively, it is possible to take the #8400 Forestry Road (Cariboo Lake Road) from Likely until it connects with the 3100 Forestry Road. This route is about 90 km (56 mi) long.



Likely Day Trip Ideas

Practical Points and Hiking Safety

WARNING – You will be traversing a vast wilderness area outside park boundaries and outside regularly maintained roads and camping sites.  Take special notice of driving instructions on this website and in brochures offered at tourist info centres because signage is not always clear.  Due to harsh winter conditions signs disintegrate quickly and can not always be replaced in a timely manner.  Campsites are user maintained.  This means no one will be coming to clean up your mess.  If you bring it in with you, take it back out again. Please leave camping areas clean for the next campers.

The Cariboo Mountains have rugged and remote wilderness areas. Remember the following:

  • Weather can change quickly, especially in the mountains.
  • Please leave the area you visit undisturbed and be sure to carry out your garbage.
  • Obey posted signs, keep to designated trails and be aware of restrictions for pets.
  • Cougars, bears and other wildlife inhabit the region. Do not get too close to or attempt to feed wild animals.
  • Some areas and trails in the area may pass near or through private property.

Screenshot BackRoadLM

Browntop Mountain Hiking Trial

Browntop Mtn, hiking trails

An unmaintained wilderness road, 11.5 km from the junction of 8400 Road. From Keithly Creek road, turn right at the Barkerville sign, crossing the Cariboo River and turn left onto 8400 Road.  Proceed 4.1 km on the 8400 Road to the C Road.  Turn right and continue for 7.4 km to the trailhead.  The road to the trailhead has grown in and may not be accessible by vehicle.

The trail was brushed in June 2015.  Recreation Sites and Trails BC

Cameron Ridge Hiking Trails

CWcameronridgeThe Cameron Ridge hiking trail is breathtakingly beautiful. The trail embraces the wildlife-rich  watershed of the Penfold Valley, with ancient cedar and spruce forests. The Cariboo  Mountains Wilderness Coalition built this trail as part of their efforts to protect the  area.

 The main hike is the 14 km (8.7 mi) Cameron Ridge Trail, which climbs along  Cameron Ridge to the Cariboo Mountains Lookout. It is an easy hike through  stunning sub-alpine meadows ringed by snow-capped peaks that lead to a stunning overlook of the north arm of Quesnel Lake. The trailhead is located about halfway (70 km/43 mi) between Barkerville and the town of Likely.

Cariboo Mountains Park

map of mountain parksCariboo Mountains Park is located northeast of Likely and east of Quesnel. The park is undeveloped and accessed along active logging roads. These roads require driving with extreme caution. Always drive with headlights on.

Ghost Lake, the only vehicle accessible camping area, is reached by travelling to Barkerville from Quesnel along Highway 26, and turning down the rough gravel Forestry Road 3100 near Barkerville. It is 70 km (43 mi), about 1.5 hours, from the turn off to the park. A 4 km (2.5 mi) access road, marked by signs, leads to the camping area. Alternatively, it is possible to take 8400 Forestry Road (Cariboo Lake Road) from Likely until it connects with 3100 Forestry Road. This route is about 90 km (56 mi) long.

Cameron Ridge Bungalows rents cabins and you can dine in style at the “Chocolate Moose Cafe” which serves delicious home cooked meals and desserts.

Cariboo Falls

At the 15 km marker on the Keithley Creek Rd, turn right. (It is 16.5 km from Cedar Creek Rd turn) Parking and turn-around space at the ladders is very limited on this un-maintained road.  If you choose to walk, it is 2.2 km from the top.  In the Fall, Chinook and Sockeye salmon are jumping up the falls. Not suitable for large vehicles. Dangerous for small children and pets. Not suitable in very wet weather.

 Cariboo Lake

CWcariboolakeCariboo Lake is situated about 24 km (14.88 miles) north of Likely on the Keithly Creek Rd. A large lake with a mean depth of 18 meters (59 feet), it contains wild stock Rainbows, Lake Char, Kokanee and Dolly Varden. Some large fish have been caught in this lake. Trolling is the most popular method of fishing. The word Lake is a misnomer for this body of water as it is actually a wide swollen part of the Cariboo River itself.

Circle Tours

Barkerville / Wells and Likely Circle Tour

IMG_2311.JPGThis tour takes you from Williams Lake to Quesnel and back again on the (2-W drive, well-surfaced gravel) “Back Road” through the Mitchell Valley in the Cariboo Mountains to Likely. It is an exciting wilderness day trip. Pick up a brochure at the Tourist Information Centre detailing the trip with a map.  A map is also on our transportation and map page. Transportation and Maps

Due to lack of internet and cell phone range in this area it is advisable to pick up a brochure map before proceeding on this tour.

This route takes approximately 4 hours (Wells to Likely)depending on how many stops are made. Follow Keithley Creek Road and turn right at the Barkerville sign, cross the Cariboo River and turn left onto 8400 Road.  Stop at Ladies Creek Recreation site for a close up look at Cariboo Lake.  There is a hiking trail to Cameron Ridge.  Check the Back Road Brochure for further information. The road turns into the 3100 Road on the Quesnel side. The falls of Ghost Lake turn into the Matthew River and are spectacular. Not to be missed. This is a summer road only so confirm conditions before proceeding. Usually open the end of June through September. If you’re lucky. 

Gold Rush Circle Route

Back Road Location Map

Places of interest along the Route:

Cottonwood House Historic Site – Cottonwood House is one of the last remaining roadhouses in BC.

Wells, BC – Wells is a mining town and a centre for artists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Barkerville Historic Town & Park – The town of Barkerville stands as a testament to BC’s golden beginnings.

Ditch Road & Chinese Oven

Chinese Oven Ditch Road

This is an un-maintained Forest Service Road. The road is narrow in places so use caution in a truck with camper or vehicles pulling trailers. The road has been graded, but there can be bent trees over the road in some areas.

Turn off the Likely Road at the 3rd left turn near the top of the Likely Hill west of the Likely Bridge (Polley Lake sign). The scenic drive to Horsefly follows the ditch carved out to divert water to the famous Bullion Mine in the late 1800’s. Polly Lake is 11.7 km from the turn and across the lake you can see the back side of Polley Mountain Mine – an active gold, copper mine. The viewpoint of Quesnel Lake is 14.5 km from the turn (includes an outhouse). Just past this near the 11 km sign, watch for the Chinese Oven sign. Turn right and proceed for 1.0 km. There are a sign and a short path on the right. Please DO NOT touch anything at this Special place. The oven was built by Chinese diggers in the 1890’s. The ovens were used to produce coke for the blacksmiths.
Turn around in the grassy area just ahead. Raft Creek and Hazeltine Creek are just ahead.

Likely/Horsefly/Williams Lake Museum Circle Tour

Historical Overview

Cedar City Museum in LikelyStart from any museum and follow directions. If you start from Williams Lake Museum, drive 14kms south to 150 Mile House.  At 150 Mile House turn onto the Horsefly/Likely Road,  after a short while you will reach a large map sign on the right that will direct you to turn left towards Likely.  Next stop Cedar City Museum in Cedar Point Park, Likely.  Our staff will be happy to give you the area highlights as well as brochures and maps of the area.  Dvd’s on local history and books are also available to purchase.  (Approximately 4 hrs. Well to Likely) on “The Old Gold Rush Trail”.

Jack Lynn Museum in Horsefly (1)As you leave Likely going west, 3km to the top of the Likely Hill, turn left onto the Ditch Road.  This gravel road is alongside Quesnel Lake which is the Deepest Fjord Lake in BC. Look carefully for a sign on the right about 5 km from Likely Highway turn off for the Chinese Ovens sign. The Chinese were a big part of our mining history.

Near the end of the lake, it becomes Mitchell Bay Road and you can follow it toward Horsefly.  In Horsefly is the Jack Lynn Museum and is rich in the areas settlements and cultures.

Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin in Williams Lake (1)After enjoying the delights of Horsefly, it’s back to Williams Lake. The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin in Williams Lake will take you on a tour of the western areas of the Cariboo and Chilcotin. You will be driving on a paved road again.  After driving 51 km’s turn right on Hwy 97 and drive north to Williams Lake.  Sights you will see along the way include the Bullion Pit, Salmon Spawning Channels, and Quesnel Forks. In September, the Horsefly River is teeming with spawning salmon, and the viewing is awesome!

Museum Circle Tour Map 2015           Cariboo Chilcotin Museum Circle Tour

Gavin Lake Trails

Watch for the Gavin Lake sign after you leave Morehead going towards Williams Lake. The road will be on your left side. The trails start at the Forest Recreation site on Gavin Lake.  Visit our U-Tube channel for video on the Gavin Lake Trails.

Ghost Lake & Falls

Follow the Circle Tour Map directions to or from Likely.
Ghost Lake FallsOnce at Ghost Lake you will find a small vehicle-accessible User Maintained Campground with five campsites, a parking lot, an information kiosk and a pit toilet. There is no water supplied and all garbage has to be carried out as this is a user-maintained facility. With the correct fishing licence, Ghost Lake offers some excellent angling opportunities for Coho, Chinook and Sockeye Salmon plus Rainbow, Kokanee and Bull Trout.

There are two waterfalls at Ghost Lake. One is on the way in, near the entrance to the campground just before the turnoff for the Cunningham-Matthew FSR as you go   across a bridge on the Ghost Main. The other waterfall, Matthew River Falls, has access from right behind one of the campsites near the parking lot. To view the waterfall, there is an unmarked trail that leads you toward the falls. The area is very steep and could prove fatal to young children, or non-experienced hikers if you approach too closely or in wet, dangerous conditions or are not wearing the proper footwear. Bears and cougars are also present in the park so be prepared for wildlife encounters.

Boat Access
There is also another unmarked trail that goes from the campground to the lakeshore of Ghost Lake. This is where you can carry a canoe or kayak and launch by hand into the lake. Once boating in the lake you’ll find some incredible views of the Cariboo Mountains including some of sheer rock formations. There are some areas along the lake where adventurous outdoor people have set up wilderness camping before.


There are many geocaching sites in the Likely area. Visit the official Global GPS Cache hunt website at to start your search.

Keithley Creek/Cariboo Lake/Cemetery
Keithly Creek-a miners cabin on the creek

26 km from Likely, on beautiful Cariboo Lake. Travel through Poquette Pass in the early morning or afternoon. Poquette Lake is usually very still. Wonderful photo opportunity. Take a moment to stop at the bench and enjoy the view as you drive toward Cariboo Lake. Keithley Creek was named after William R. Keithley, aka ‘Doc’, who came from the California gold fields in the 1860s. Veith and Borland set up a ranch and a town grew, supplying food and goods for the miners in the area. This side of the creek and bridge was the Chinese section of town. If you look to your right as you drive down the road, note the rocks piled by the Chinese miners.  The cemetery and library (smallest library in the Cariboo) are just ahead on the right, across the bridge.

 Little Snowshoe Cemetary/Tom Kinvig’s Cabin – 4×4 onlyIMG_1425-300x200

This is an unmaintained road.  From Keithly Creek Bridge, drive and stay left at the first Y.  Continue left at Powder Kings parking lot.  Follow the yellow arrow left to 10.2 km from the bridge and continue to keep left.  One more left will bring you to Little Snowshoe Creek, which you must cross to reach the cabin.

Veith and Borland had a store at Little Snowshoe Creek and Barr’s Creek.  To the left of the cabin, across the road is the Little Snowshoe Cemetary.  Tom’s daughter, Ethel still mines from her father’s cabin and owns the Chinese section of Keithly Creek. She was born in the Keithly Creek Hotel.

Little Niagra Falls (Quesnel Lake boat trip)

My beautiful picture

Little Niagara Falls is located on the East Arm of Quesnel Lake, where the Niagara River spills into the lake creating a great natural show every day. Niagara River flows from its headwaters on top of Niagra Peak and into Quesnel Lake bringing natural silts which form a large white cloudy area in the water at the base of the falls as it thunders into Quesnel Lake.  Niagra Peak is situated in the Cariboo Mountains. Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park was established as Mitchell Lake/Niagara Park in 1995. The name as changed to Cariboo Mountains Park in 2000.


 Quesnel Forks Ghost Town

Camping Quesnel Forks -This is one of the most beautiful campgrounds in the area of Likely.
Take a self guided tour of this historic ghost town! Tour information is on signs beside the buildings. Quesnel Forks is located 13 km from Keithley history-sliderCreek Road in Likely. Turn at the Community Hall and follow Rosette Lake Rd as it turns into a gravel road.
The ghost town of Quesnel Forks was founded in 1859 and predates Barkerville. At one time it had the largest population in mainland BC with 1,000 – 3,000 transient residents at the height of the gold rush. It was major supply centre for miners as they headed further along the gold trail. It is a Chinese ghost town. Feel ghosts of the past in breezes as you stroll among restored buildings, cottonwood trees and the old cemetery. Low Mobility Trails follow along the CWbirchtreeQFCariboo River and through the heritage village. There are wheelchair accessible outhouses.

Today’s Quesnel Forks while being a great area to camp is often used for family reunion picnics and day trips.

The cemetary is still in use today by Likely residents in a seperate section from the old miners cemetary.


Likely is part of the only inland rain forest in the world. It exhibits unusual flora, fauna and birds unique to this area. You will travel through historic areas of the old Gold Rush Trail among the foothills of the Cariboo Mountains.  The opportunities for photography, bird and animal watching, rock hounding, hiking, swimming, camping, cycling and much more are available for your wilderness experience.

Picture is of ‘Boswell Lake’ on the road to Winkely Creek campsites, past the historic Cedar City Mine.  Great little fishing spot.



2015-06-02 07.30.17

Northern Development Initiative Trust

The Northern Development Initiative Trust – New Tourism Signage Highlights the rich History of Likely in the Cariboo Regional District. Click here to read more about the NDIT signage program


Likely is situated at the mouth of 100 km long Quesnel Lake. The lake lays claim to being the deepest fjord lake in the world and the area surrounding it is a part of the only inland temperate rainforest in the world giving it a unique climate.

Likely is a small rural community in the Cariboo Region, nestled in the foothills of the Cariboo Mountains. This area played a significant role in the Cariboo Gold Rush of 1859 when rough-edged boom towns like Quesnel Forks, Cedar City, and Keithley Creek had overnight populations in the thousands, predating Barkerville.

John Likely grave


Between 1896 and 1898, the river was damned (Golden River Dam Quesnelle) to allow mining of the Quesnel River bottom.  As a result, the town that sprang up was eventually known as Quesnelle Dam.  When the post office was moved from Quesnel Forks in 1923, it was felt that a name change was due to better suit the town’s new status.  John”Plato” Likely was a popular miner at the time and so the name was changed.


Today Likely is a friendly rural centre with a population around 350 people.

Facilities include:

  • school
  • community hall
  • museum and visitor centre at provincial park
  • chapel
  • library – Tues. & Wed. 1-5 – high speed internet
  • post office

Amenities offered:

  • general store
  • cafe
  • pub/hotel
  • restaurant/post office
  • motel
  • B & B’s and lodges
  • Guiding operations and guided tours are also available.

Likely has numerous Rec Sites and a Class “C” Provincial Park.

The facilities at Cedar Point Provincial Park include:

  • a new boat access (2016).  Three new docks were installed September 2016 as well as a bigger and deeper paved boat launch area.
  • camping
  • sani-dump
  • drinking water
  • shower house
  • baseball diamond
  • day use area
  • children’s play area
  • swimming area
  • mining museum equipment
  • Cedar City Museum and the Visitor Information Centre are also located within the Park.

Likely’s surrounding areas have many crystal clear lakes and rivers.  The surrounding area supports recreational activities such as snowmobiling, mountain biking, ATV trails, white water rafting, kayaking, and walking and hiking trails. The area is known for world-class fishing, hunting and outback camping. Likely is the gateway to the Cariboo Mountains.  The “Back Road to Barkerville” is the wilderness portion of the Williams Lake/Wells/Barkerville Circle Tour.  This is a gravel road easily accessible by most vehicles. It is a very popular scenic trip that allows you to travel through sub-alpine meadows and view thundering waterfalls.  All of this is surrounded by snow covered mountain ridges. The residents of Likely invite you to explore and experience our ghost towns, historic sites as well as view abundant wildlife and the opportunity to enjoy wilderness adventures.


A hotel, Inn, resorts, bungalows, and campsites give you a varied selection of staying choices for your wilderness adventures.

See Accommodations

There are several user-maintained Recreation Site campgrounds around Likely and on Cariboo Island, on Quesnel Lake.

Basic infrastructure for the community includes; a school, community hall, museum, chapel, library, general store, mechanic shop and post office and Chamber of Commerce.  Winter activities for locals include snowmobiling, snowshoeing, local Pub, NFL Football Pool, floor curling and cards.  For year-round services in the community.

See Services


CWdowntown Lik

Down Town Likely Businesses include;

    • Valley General Store – combo; general store/liquor store/gas station/lottery tickets
    • Lakeside Restaurant & Services – combo; cafe/post office/laundromat/lodging
    • Likely Lodge – combo; pub/hotel/room & board/restaurant
    • and further up the hill we have:
    • A Likely Service – mechanic/tire shop

Today Likely is a friendly rural centre with a core population between three hundred and three hundred fifty people. Main industry mining, sub-industries; logging and tourism.