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Published by Victoria Brown-John Schill July 15, 2017 – 9:30pm


As of 9:00pm tonight, the CRD confirmed the community of Likely is not currently under an evacuation order, however  LITTLE LAKE AND MOREHEAD LAKE AND MT. POLLEY ARE IN THE EVACUATION ORDER ZONE.
Click on link below for CRD Alerts and Evacuation map boundaries.

Cariboo Regional District Evacuation and Alerts map

Likely – Emergency Information Centre


July 13, 2017 – 12:30pm

Community Hall July 17

The Likely Community Office and Community Hall will be open as an Information and Distribution Centre for limited items for those who are in need.

We will be open daily 10:00am – 6:00pm – 6281 Rosette Lake Rd

Our phone number is 250-790-0002

We have maps for the Back Road between Likely and Barkerville.  The map is also on the Likely Website


If you have no internet go to the Likely School property

Go to your internet access on your computer

School District Site is EMERG (no password)


The “Likely Community” Facebook page

Joan Sorley – July 11 – 4:30

Joan Sorley – Area ‘F’ Rep

3:10 PM (1 hour ago)Good afternoon. I don’t have enough time to post a complete update, but I will try and summarize some recent developments in Area F:

1. Evacuation orders remain in effect for part of Miocene, 150 Mile, Lexington, and Skulow Lake, Pioneer Place and Deep Creek.
Please check the map on our website for boundaries.
2. Evacuation alerts remain in effect for other areas of the Williams Lake fringe along Highway 97 (in Area F). Please c heck the map.
3. Big Lake, Likely, Horsefly, and the rest of Miocene are not on alert, but citizens should be ready should the need arise. I am packed and ready, and I urge people to prepare.
4. Passes will be issued today on the same basis as yesterday for people who can present themselves to the CRD before 4:30 in Williams Lake with proof of residence. For the same reasons and with the same conditions. (See yesterday’s post). For today only.
5. We have established a process in each of the communities for essential supplies to be picked up and delivered to residents. (Prescriptions, essential items such as diapers, formula, firefighting equipment and supplies). Requests must be coordinated through the following people who have been designated the authority in each community. The designated authority will collect lists and provide a letter of authority to a designated volunteer to pick up the supplies and deliver them in the community. The designated authorities are:
A. Likely: Lisa Kraus. 250-790-2449
B. Horsefly: Linda Bartsch. 250-620-3333
C. Big Lake: Leanne Schiemann Please stop in at the Big Lake Fire Hall or message her on Facebook.
D. Miocene: Ross McCoubrey 250-296-4285
6. Highway 97 is closed for southbound traffic at Kersley, except for first responders. No passes will be issued for other purposes.
7. Beaver Valley Road between Likely and Horsefly is in good condition. Interior Roads is keeping it wet so dust is down, too! If you see those guys, give them a big thumbs up!
8. The Beaver Lake Road is dusty and a bit rough but open and well used. Please watch for cattle as this is open range.
People are reporting no barriers, but if you leave by this route, you should be prepared that you may not be allowed back in as this situation in unchanged from yesterday.

Please share this widely. I will try and attend the community meeting in Miocene this afternoon at 3.


Joan Sorley

Director, Cariboo Regional District Area “F”

PO Box 147

Big Lake Ranch, BC  V0L 1G0



Big Thank you

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.38.45 AM

Last night we had a delivery of supplies for the Fire Department and the Likely Community from the citizens of Fort Mcmurray.   Thanks to Jeremy Gillespie, Bubba’s Tire Service and his two friends for delivering the supplies to Likely as well as the people of Fort Mcmurray for their generous donations.  Thank you is from the Likely & District Chamber of Commerce as well as the Likely & District Fire Rescue.  I have attached three picture.

Thanks Lisa

Ft.M 1Ft.M 2Ft.M3