Likely Lifestyle

Living the Dream

Sharon&SkeedLikely is a great place to live and retire. If you love the outdoor life and beautiful surroundings you may find in Likely what you seek.  It has a small town atmosphere with simple lifestyles. Likely time! is whenever it gets done. No hurries here.

canoeing Quesnel Lake

From fishing, hunting, hiking, and photography to gardening or picking wild berries and preserving your foods you can step back from the fast-paced world and relax on your own time schedule.

Seasonal activities include; fish derbies, gardening, knitting groups, writers group, craft fairs, Unlikely Paddlefest, boating, fishing, football pools, floor curling, church services, library, and more.  Living in a small town means inventing occasions and activities for all to join.

CWLikLodge 2015We are one hour from the nearest hospital and have an excellent first responders group for medical emergencies. The 100 km to the nearest city ‘Williams Lake’ is paved and kept in great condition during the winter.IMG_1448

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