CRD Area F All Candidates Forum

CRD Area F All Candidates Forum




Special Meeting

Hosted by the Likely & District Chamber of Commerce

October 10, 2018


Likely Community Hall

1. Welcome and review of meeting procedure

2. Introduction of Area F Candidates

3. Ask for written questions from audience (will have paper & pens available)

4. Candidate opening statement – 10-minute limit

5. Questions from the audience- each candidate will have 2 minutes to respond to questions.

6. Closing

What is a candidates forum?

A candidate’s forum allows candidates seeking public office to express their views openly so community members can understand their positions and make informed voting choices.

Format: Moderator – Audience question-and-answer session. 1. An unbiased event moderator will pose questions to the candidates through written questions submitted by the public and moderate questions from the floor at the event 2. The event moderator will maintain order and decorum for the event. 3. Each candidate will have an equal and fair opportunity to express his or her position on issues. 4. A timer will be used to indicate end of time allotments. A signal will indicate that the candidate’s time has elapsed.

General Forum Rules: 1. Order of appearance of candidates will be chosen at random and will be reversed for closing comments. 2. Opening statements of up to 5 minutes will allow candidates to introduce themselves. 3. An opportunity to submit written questions will be given at the beginning of the meeting. The moderator will read the questions. Moderator will also take questions from the floor if time permits. Answers to these questions on issues will be limited to 2 minute and each candidate will be given the chance to answer. 5. Each candidate will be given 2 minutes for closing statements to wrap-up and cover any issues not yet discussed.

Proper Decorum: 1. No candidates, board members and event organizers will be allowed into the venue wearing campaign buttons for their candidacy or any candidate at the event. 2. The forum is not a debate. No interaction or debate among candidates will be allowed. 3. All interaction by a candidate or community member will be through the event moderator. 4. There will be no “winner” declared by the moderator or event sponsors. 5. No ‘grandstanding’, speaking off topic or off-color remarks will be permitted and will be called out of order by the moderator. 6. Candidates or candidate supporters will be allowed to hand out materials after the meeting has adjourned.

The candidate’s forum is meant to inform the citizens of our community and create an opportunity for community building. If all candidates adhere to the rules everyone will benefit through increased visibility and general interest in the community.