Likely School Christmas Luncheon

Everyone had a most enjoyable time at the Likely School Christmas Luncheon today. The students entertained us with a medley of cheerful Christmas songs. The songsters were most entertaining in their various styles of unique singing and dancing.

The birch Christmas Centerpieces made by the children adorned the tables and lent a festive feel to the occasion. A Christmas tree decorated with care was the backdrop for the recital. Venta R. and Haley Anne Dunbar played orchestra for the caroling event.

The luncheon consisted of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked ham, and several salads as well as pies and cookies made by the children. Eat your heart out if you missed this special seasons buffet. Credit goes to Jeaneen Dunbar and her elvish helpers for the feast.

Below a few pictures of the day.

Likely School Staff – Kathy Brackett, Dianna St. Onge, Mr. Calvert and Principal Michele BeBault